Inspired by natural shapes, forms and patterns, Roman Bratschi is an experienced 3D illustrator and animation director, who kick-started his career as a graphic designer. With 15 years of artistic expertise under his creativity belt, his career path transformed as he began to tamper in alternative illustrative methods. 

Equipped with an effortless expert eye for complementary colours and an illustrious innovative mind, his appreciation for elements in their organic forms weave through the narrative of his techniques, exposing their natural simplicity in the final piece. He is always experimenting with new methods and dexterities in 3D software to exercise his creative ideas. 

Roman’s list of prestigious clients includes Apple, Sephora, Victorinox, Lindt Chocolates, Ray-Ban, Spotify, Samsung, Genesis and many more. 


Owner, Creative Director
April 2012 - Present Zurich, Switzerland

Apple Inc.
Freelance Digital Artist
August 2020 - June 2021

Graphic Designer
Started as a web designer, later worked 4 years as a graphic designer at Swarovski HQ
December 2003 - April 2012 Zurich, Switzerland

Graphic- & Mediadesigner
September 2001 - June 2004 Zurich, Switzerland
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